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Lego Chess not working in Windows XP

  • Lego Chess (a PC game) will not work under Windows XP. I have tried the Windows XP compatibility program but without success. My computer is an AMD Athlon XP 1600+ with a 40 GB hard drive, nVidia Ge Force 2 MX/MX400 and a Creative SB Live sound card. Do you have any suggestions?

    It seems that Lego Chess may not be supported by Windows XP. I had a look at the Lego Chess website (www.lego.com) and read the system requirements for the game. The requirements are Windows 95/98. This game is probably a bit old which is why they do not have any more recent operating systems listed. However, one thing that I noticed is that there is no mention of Windows NT as a supported operating system. Windows NT sometimes has problems supporting applications, in particular games, which are designed for the Windows 9x generation of operating systems. As Windows XP is based more on NT architecture than 95/98/Me architecture, this could be the problem. So, my best guess is that Lego Chess simply doesn’t support Windows XP.

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